It's a New Day! We have entered into a new space of favor, a strategic time for the body of Christ. From a posture of the prophetic, the Bishop see 2018 as the year when the body of Christ will experience sudden! Supernatural Turnarounds! In spite of the personal hardship, chaos, challenges, and crisis, that we have all endured, God will show himself and his hands in our lives in a major way.

In this season, we can expect:

  • Supernatural turnaround,
  • Increased influence,
  • Personal limitation to be broken,
  • Old dreams to be awakened,
  • Lost time to be redeemed,
  • Missed opportunities to be restored, and
  • Open door for new and divine possibilities

Because the affairs of our lives have been positioning us for this season, this is not the time to allow problems and pain to push us out of the place that God has prepared for us.

The Bishop sees 2018 as a progressive and productive period. The time to go forward and upward is now! God is taking us to a new level!

This level, however will require a life of surrender, a shift in the way we speak and think. There must be a new perspective on how we look at life. On this level, we must make God's purpose our priority and practice a lifestyle that brings pleasure to Him. This is the time to move away from the problem and line up with the promise

The Bishop cautions however, that it is imperative in this season that we:

  • Stop focusing on things in the natural... start seeing things in the supernatural,
  • Trust God with all our hearts, mind and souls
  • Excuse ourselves from unproductive people, and
  • Pray that the lord will turn our lives around miraculously

"This is the hour", says The Lord of Host, "that I bringing great change into the hearts and mind of people, an at the same time, I am changing their circumstances"

 2018 is The Year of the Supernatural Turnarounds