Our Vision


Purpose Statement
  • To love God with all our being
  • To glorify and magnify Him through obedience to His word
  • To lead people to JESUS CHRIST
  • To equip and develop them for the work of ministry
  • To be a place of restoration and strength where people can experience the love of God and hope of eternity
  • Thus ministering to the total need of man.

Our Vision (St. John 15th Chapter)

Our Vision is to stay connected to the True Vine and be a place where the voice of God can be heard clearly and concisely; where the hurting, broken-hearted, rejected, frustrated and confused can come and find the Love of God being revealed; a place to receive hope, help, guidance and encouragement.

We will share the good news of Jesus Christ and develop people to spiritual maturity through bible studies and enrichment, prayer and other evangelistic efforts.

Our dedication is to move within the current flow of the Holy Spirit while maintaining scriptural integrity. We must minister to the total man and woman until we have influence in the city, state and the world for Christ as we become world changers by obeying the word of God.